29 June 2020

Sadleirs Van Repaint

Great to see another repaint of an RLSY since there hasn't been any in a long time!  

On PS7 this morning was RLSY 18718, the first repaint in a number of years.


17 June 2020

TS Lines Variety

One of my favourite shipping lines is TS Lines.  They pretty much lease containers from all the major leasing companies and they always mark them with their logo.  The end result is a hybrid of a lease container (of all different colours) with the same TS Lines logo.  

The below photos are just an example of the variety on one train this week.  

TS Lines is the 19th largest shipping line in the world, with around 100,000 TEU capacity across 45 ships which are owned or chartered.  


03 June 2020

Coregas NKBU Tube Skid

This was a first for me.  A 40ft tube-skid on PS6 today.  This one was marked for Coregas and is for compressed Hydrogen.  

The container is NKBU 130887-8 and appears to have 8 tubes which are slightly offset within the frame.  

The container is from NK group in Korea.