30 November 2017

Different Reefers

A few different reefers spotted during November.  

Both RWLU 22R1 type reefers, these are fitted with Carrier units and a large single cool-room type door for domestic type operations, rather than shipping utilisation.

This CRXU reefer is an AER1 type, which is a 20ft+ size, similar to customer built Toll Tasmania reefers.  

This CRXU reefer looks to be the same but is an AERB type.  I can't tell the different externally, and they may actually do exactly the same thing.


29 November 2017

What a Load of Garbage

There is a lot of waste moving from NSW to QLD by rail due to no tax or levy, and this has been highlighted in news and current affairs programs in recent months.  This PN job through Broadmeadow had an interesting selection of waste containers as part of the load. 

An unidentified 42U1 open top container.

A second hand shipping box, sold through ANL in another 42U1 open top.

Now marked as EPEB, this is a 22U1 box.

Formerly a Triton lease 22U1 box, the sides are now painted grey and marked with EPE and coded EPEB.

Formerly a Florens lease container, now also marked EPEB.

A new build, one of about 200 for EPE, is EPEU 236053-6 and is a 25U0 type open top container.  These are similar to the scrap steel containers used by Bluescope on PN trains.  The external bracing allows the inner walls to be smooth to avoid hangup of product.

A GOAU 42U1 open top.  The sides are well bashed and stained.

Another GOAU open top, marked with a W2R logo.  Interestingly this box is riding on a regular steel allocated RKLY wagon. 

Another GOAU 42U1 box.  These are common on other services in Australia.

I haven't seen this code before, KUDU.

Another rare code, OTMU, riding atop a Steelink RKLY.

A well worn blue 42U1.

A blue Titan 22U1, numbered 860285-1 

A green Titan 22U1, numbered 860307-7 riding on an RKMY. 

A pair of green Titan 22U1s, riding on an RKMY. 

Not an open top but marked for W2R, This blue Titan container is TITU 990429-1.

A leased Triton (probably former lease) TRIU 052067-0.

This is a 22U1 type container, but is quite old as it still carried the old type code of US 2251.  This is a TRLU lease container.  


28 November 2017

GWA Branding on PHEH Wagons

There are a few former Glencore coal hoppers now getting around with GWA logos on the sides.  Seen earlier this month in Newcastle was PHEH Rake 95 with a freshly applied sticker.


26 November 2017

Aurizon AEDB with SCT

A number of Aurizon AEDB boxes (including some in Wollworths livery) have moved over to SCT for hauling the Wollies contract.  

On today's SCT 6BM9 service was AEDB 916048-9.  Note the SCT logo on the end of the container.


25 November 2017

New Linfox Reefer

On today's MB4 service were two new Linfox 46'6 reefer.  

They were FTLD 9106714 and 9106722.  They are easily identified by the vertical yellow lines (similar to the Toll 4CB reefers) for top lifting.

Interesting, the most recent reefers (that I ave seen) were FCBD 9106150 series.  

The F prefix is most likely for FCL, which Linfox acquired a few years ago.  

The second letter denotes the type of reefer unit (T for Thermo King or C for Carrier).

The third letter has historically been in order with FTAD/FCAD and then FCBD.  No idea why they have jumped to 'L' as the third letter. 

The last letter has always been 'D' for Linfox reefers.  Not sure why.

Also strange that the numbering has jumped from 6150 series to 6700 series.  

Finally, the last batch of FCBD reefers were coded as MFR3 type which is 48ft, and R3 type reefer.  These new ones are RFRG of which the first 'R' is not an ISO code, but most likely for 46'6 reefers, and the RG type is just a different way of noting R3 type reefers.  Strange that two identical containers in different batches have different markings.


24 November 2017

Shorty Reefer

Got this rare reefer on SCT yesterday.  It is a former QR leased QRRT reefer from Tradecorp and is now marked for Tradecorp under their FUKU code.


14 November 2017

iFreight Breeze Reefer

Here is BRZC 8, which along with BRZC 9, are the only two Breeze reefers in the iFreight blue livery.  It is certainly a favourite of mine.


08 November 2017

Sydney Trams

While not a big tram fan, I was at Central earlier in the week and grabbed a couple of shots as I walked to my meeting.

The trams are built by CAF.  

2118 coming through Haymarket

2124 going down the grade from Central

2124 departs Central