28 October 2020

The Rambler - RLUY 18651.

Looking very fresh, and following on from my Moniker post the other week, The Rambler has been sighted on RLUY 18651.

This now makes 4 classic moniker Sadleirs vans.



24 October 2020

Another Tube Skid!

Grabbed another Coregas Tube skid yesterday which is T584 and NKBU 130879-9.



12 October 2020

Another Coregas 40ft Tube Skid

Following on from my last sighting in June 2020  I snapped this different 40ft tube skid.  NKCU 100668-4 is marked as T580 for Coregas and carries compressed Hydrogen.  

This tank looks a bit neater in design than T583 which has an offset tube design.