01 May 2010

The Westlander

Everytime I am in Brisbane, I simply can't help myself and go for a shot of the Westlander, normally somewhere between Toowoomba and Rosewood - often chasing it for as long as possible if the weather is good. I am surprised the Westlander still runs as it always seems to be quite empty.

I got to Laidley around 9.03am, and to my surprise, I could see the train coming into Laidley on my right. A mad dash to the road bridge a bit to the east of town, allowed me the first shot (with about 20 seconds to spare). After that, another mad dash down the road, allowed me to jump out of the car andget a second shot just out of town. I then back tracked a bit and headed for Grandchester. I beat him back by a few minutes and was keen for a shot coming through the lovely station, but a loaded train was in the loop (and being passed) so that was not viable. I headed towards Rosewood and got a few sde on shots.

Below are some other shots I got during the day.

1751 was on a light engine transfr to Redbank Workshops. The consist was 1762/1751/2331/2366/2346/1723.

1723 backing into Redbank Workshops.

2310 - a recent repaint into the new QRN livery, working coal train on the western line.


  1. Chris, more great photos. It makes a nice change to see Qld based rollingstock. Greg.

  2. Don't get too used to it Greg. I'm headed home tomorrow via Goondwindi, Moree and Newcastle.

    Hopefuly the weather will be fine, and there will be plenty of rollingstock to photo!