30 January 2015

7SP5 and 6BM7 (Part 1)

Saturday had the sun, and two trains one after the other.  Here are some shots

7SP5 with double NRs.  Note NR81 with the missing long hood text.

Double LDPs with BM7.  These are the other 'vanilla' flavoured locos.

I love the logo on these Breeze containers.  BRZC01 (965007).

A former Cronos box, now marked as BSPD 084032.  The BS is usually Brambles Shipping, but the SPD could be as in Toll SPD.  Either way, both are Asciano businesses.

CPIU 738529 with a Education logo.

A good old fashion tarped flat rack.

G&S Engineering boards on a shipping box.

An overlength K&S flatrack load.

Omega Chemicals OMCU 000002

Another K&S flatrack, but this is loaded with large pipes.



  1. Who own the louvered container beind the Cronos box?

  2. I think it is Sadleirs or maybe Royal Wolf.

    It carries the old V/Line code VSDU.

  3. Can you point me in the direction of any website that might list the codes for Australian container owners?

    I've found several extensive overseas lists but the only Australian container owners they list are the major overseas shippers.

    Thanks in advance

  4. Sorry, I don't think anything exists for domestic containers. Prefixlist is a good website but is an international container code website.