10 January 2015

Aurizon AEED Containers

A few different Aurizon marked AEED containers are starting to turn up.

The AEED stands for 
  1. A = Aurizon
  2. E = 48ft
  3. ED = End Doors

AEED containers started in operation around January 2013, with them being in the white and orange SCF Rail Containers markings.  Below are some recent sightings of AEED containers.

A standard AEED container.  This one is 912546.  It would seem these are numbered 912300-912600.

This one is a little unusual.  It was SCFU 411074, but has been remarked as an AEED.  Shame they used white letters on a white container.

A former FCL container, it is now AEED 480144.  I suspect this container went from FCL to SCF and now to Aurizon.  

Here is an original shot of an FQDU FCL container in better days (2007).  

These only just started turning up.  They too are former SCFU containers that were mainly used over in the west and central Australia.  The painted out markings are NQX logos, and being marked as SCFU boxes, they would have been leased to NQX.  

This one is now AEED 407015.  There seem to be around 50 or so of this type of AEED.

Here is an original SCFU NQX container from back in 2007.  This would now be an AEED.

Finally, a Royal Wolf marked as AEED.  This one is 922057.  RWTU is the normal code and are still pretty common on Aurizon services.   Strangely, they put black letters on a dark blue container!


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