27 March 2016

The Indian on MB4

A few shots of NR18 and various wagons and containers on MB4 on Wednesday 23/3.

NR18 leading MB4 about to pass under Remembrance Drive, and over the Bargo River.

Normally loaded with car-tainers, RRYY 4 is loaded with some general freight and reefers.

VQCY 531 with a bulk Linfox box.

RQEYs are slowing turning back up on Intermodal again.  There is RQEY 1957.  It is shown below at Exeter earlier that morning.

RQCY 1004 wit a very old ITEL box on the back.

Another ITEL box on RQBY 15039.


22 March 2016

New Toll Reefers TSHR 1500 Series

Some new Toll TSHR reefers have turned up in March (2016).  The series delivered last year were 1501-1540 with some carrying the Salamanca Fresh logo. 

TSHR 1541, the class leader of the new batch.  Other new ones sighted with the TOLL logo include 1545, 1552, 1553 and 1554.

At least one of the new boxes has been given the Salamanca Fresh logo.   TSHR 1562 looks to have a slightly larger logo than the previous batch.

TSHR 1561 is getting around without any logos currently.  I'd expect this to get the Salamanca logos also.


20 March 2016

Unusual Containers

A few unusual containers from the last few weeks.

Britz moving and storage container.

Ex Royal Wolf Budget Self Pack container BSPC.

A Royal Wolf RWPU with a side access door installed.

A Titan Arctic Store TITU container.

Cryeng iso CRY 000340 carrying Carbon Dioxide UN 2187 for Air Liquide.   Cryeng manufacture and lease iso tanks, including some BOCU tanks.  Interestingly the container code doesn't have four letters as per most containers. 

Toll reefer 4CB468.  This looks to be a repainted old reefer as the newer ones in a similar livery are in a much higher number series.  This one has a very dark TOLL logo.

A CRT 30ft box with some serious side damage.

A former QR National 40ft Seacell now owned by Western Containers WPWU 400429.

A different SCF logo on a standard 40ft box.  This box is SCFU 412096.


19 March 2016

CFCLA wagons return to Aurizon

Leased CQGY and CQMY wagons have returned back onto BM7/MB7 Aurizon services.

A clean LDP008 leading 006 at Aylmerton.

CQGY 509.  The middle container is carrying molten sulphur for Devco.

CQGY 531 with a CRT container and a Royal Wolf side door.

CQMY 3012 with a load including a CARU box.

Not a CFCLA wagon, but a favourite, QQLY 1003.

QQMY 22021 loaded with some Sodium Cyanide tanks in the middle.


12 March 2016

SCFU 807040

SCFU 807040 has been repainted in the last month, and now sports a small SCF orange logo in the top right hand corner.  The old yellow and black SCF logo was last seen on display around Christmas 2015.  The reefer is a regular on the Melbourne to Brisbane corridor.


09 March 2016

Sunny Saturday

A few trains around Aylmerton on Saturday, including a late pathed Qube 1311.


02 March 2016

Aurizon Combos

Two interesting combos in March on Aurizon's BM7.

Double blue LDPs leading X53.

Double pineapple 6020s leading 42202.