19 July 2017

Eurotainer with Thermo King Genset

Snapped this tank on MP5 at Parkeston last week.  The container is EURU 175115-6 and is fitted with a clip-on Thermo King SG3000 genset.


14 July 2017

Mineral Resources

Some shots of the Mineral Resources equipment.  I accidentally came across empty service 5033 near Meckering with MRL 004 and 003 in charge.

The fleet comprises of 382 hoppers which are in draw-bar coupled pairs of two and coded MHPY 1-382.  Four hoppers are now converted to single hoppers and are MHLY 139, 140, 339 and 340.  

MRL004 and 003 leading service 5033 at Meckering.

One of only four single hoppers. MHLY 139.

Pair MHPY 37 and 38.

MHPY 192 with what looks to be tape across to top of the hopper.

Last of the built, MHPY 382.


11 July 2017

AZKY 32234

Something new for me, and something you won't see on the east coast.  

Here is AZKY 32234 with a mounted BIS ammonia tank, taken at Kalgoorlie.


07 July 2017

New Steellink Containers

Snapped these on WB3 via Mittagong a few weeks back.  The containers look to be just based and are coded PNCB.  It looks like they are loaded with coils and then plastic wrapped.  

RKMY 305, which was a former ELX/VOBX.

RKMY 20567, which was a former BDY/NODY. 

PNCB close up.


06 July 2017

Aurizon Comsteel Side Door

Some former ASDV and ASDM side door containers have been marked for Comsteel and recoded to ASDC.  Here are a couple from the weekend.


05 July 2017

Another Brown CMA CGM Beacon Container

Still no sunny shot, but a better image of a leased Beacon container marked for CMA GCM.  This box is a BEAU 404 series container.


04 July 2017

Breeze 9 - iFREIGHT

Finally got a shot of this 40ft+ reefer.  It is a Breeze numbered reefer, BRZC 9 and marked for iFreight.  

Check out the other BRZC containers on my Breeze page.


03 July 2017

Stone Train and RHKY

A couple of shots of 1297 stone train heading back to Medway.  

NR120 was the trialing unit, and still has the space between the 'R' and '1' where the 'E' was going to be placed for ECP designation.  Registration got all too hard so PN left them as NR class (which was a good idea).

Also on the train was RHKY 451 with a decent ding to the shedding plate.


02 July 2017

RQEY 2-Pack

A bit of a rare visitor on superfreighters these days.  RQEY 1872 was spotted on PS6 the other week, and it looks like it has been running Perth-Sydney services for the last couple of months.  

Here it is with a quad of 20ft container.

Most RQEY 2-packs are running on the Crisps Creek garbage train between Sydney and Tarago.