20 March 2016

Unusual Containers

A few unusual containers from the last few weeks.

Britz moving and storage container.

Ex Royal Wolf Budget Self Pack container BSPC.

A Royal Wolf RWPU with a side access door installed.

A Titan Arctic Store TITU container.

Cryeng iso CRY 000340 carrying Carbon Dioxide UN 2187 for Air Liquide.   Cryeng manufacture and lease iso tanks, including some BOCU tanks.  Interestingly the container code doesn't have four letters as per most containers. 

Toll reefer 4CB468.  This looks to be a repainted old reefer as the newer ones in a similar livery are in a much higher number series.  This one has a very dark TOLL logo.

A CRT 30ft box with some serious side damage.

A former QR National 40ft Seacell now owned by Western Containers WPWU 400429.

A different SCF logo on a standard 40ft box.  This box is SCFU 412096.


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