28 December 2017

What will 2018 hold?

As 2017 comes to a close, the big change in east coast intermodal is the departure of Aurizon and the increasing services operated by SCT.

Below are some photos on a north bound SCT service just before Christmas.  The services are getting longer and heavier, and a lot of containers perviously hauled on Aurizon services are now on the SCT service.  

A leased Aurizon QQCY loaded with a perfect set of SCFU 40ft side door containers from Wodonga to Brisbane.  

Transformer loads are becoming more frequent.  This load was on PQDY 62.

20ft boxes are not common on SCT services, however a PQIY was loaded with a set of four.  

A rebranded SeaRoad Seacell container on the 5-pack.

A Woolies WWTD 722309-5 reefer.

A leased SCFU 46'6 reefer with a fresh side logo.  This one is 814046-4.

A bit of a classic getting around, this SCF reefer is SCFU 814067-5.


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