03 January 2018

Short Spoil Service

In mid-December, SRS ran a short spoil train from Sydney to Picton, via Moss Vale.  The locos were 4702 and 4701 on 12 spoil open wagons.

4702/4701 heading south through Aylmerton, running to Moss Vale to turn on the triangle.

A little over an hour later, the train returned on the Up.

Yellow NDCF 250x.

Orange NDCF 2098.

Brown NDCH 2092.

Brown (form BDX) NDCH 2526.

NDMX 1801.

NDMX 1803

NDMX 1804.

NDMX 1806.

NDMX 1807.

NDMX 1809.

NDMX 1819.

NDNF 2536.


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