08 January 2018

CMA CGM Shipping Containers - 45G1

A few CGM CMA containers turned up on BM4 the other day.  I suspect these are paper containers running on he east coast, and I recall were usually on the now defunct Aurizon services.  

Below are a few varieties of the CMA CGM 45G1 type containers.

With the new loco (unveiled in mid-2017) CMAU 728229-8 is a CMA owned container with eco features.

Showing the recently replaced loco, CMAU 590526-2 is another CMA owned container.

The Seaco text and the SEGU code is a give away that this is a leaved container painted in CMA CGM colours.  This is SEGU 522009-6.

A new lease Textainer container with the new logo.  This is TGBU 528096-0.  

While not painted in CMA CGM blue, this brown lease box carry a small CMA CGM logo on the bottom right corner.  DRYU 969260-1 is a SeaCube (former Carlisle) owned box.


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  1. I think you mean new logo not loco. Nice update as usual, please them coming.