21 October 2011

QR Wagons around Gladstone

Unfortunately the weather was pretty foul, but still managed a few record shots of QR wagons around Gladstone.

 A narrow gauge Aligned bogie.  Never knew QR had these!

 QZS 32413 at Auckland Point.  No idea what this wagon does but presume it is infrastructure related.

 New VCCS 55924.

 New VCCS 55886

 Weighbridge wagon VSAS 51056.

Weighbridge wagon ITVO 32960. 



  1. The qzs wagon you aren't sure about is a sleeper rake or unloaded. There are two of them in existence. Both currently in Toowoomba. They are part of a timber sleeper train. The floor of the wagons has a narrow gauge railway. This unloaded contains a device a bit like a forklift that runs down the length of the train which is typically 15 qzsc sleeper wagons and one unloaded. Each wagon holds 432 timber sleepers in 18 cassettes of 24. The unloaded makes its way down the train lifting each cassette of sleepers just high enough so the chain rake flings the top sleeper out left or right until the cassette is empty and it moves to the next one. The ends of the wagons fold down to cover the hitch and the internal rails all fold down and lock in. It's pretty cool to see it all working. They are getting a bit ancient these days but it all still works.

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