19 December 2013

Aurizon BM7

Managed a few shots of BM7 earlier this month.  Elephant style yellow LDPs made it a little bit more interesting.
LDP 006 and 008 past Aylmerton.
A QQAY with Blue Sky Intermodal BSIU 261885 and a CRT 30ft box.
Conroy Removals CPIU 782002.
Formerly a Royal Wolf box, now marked for Aurizon as ASDT 932592.
A pair of AFDB Aurizon boxes on a CQMY.
An unmarked 'shed' on a QQAY wagon.
Triple ISO tanks on a QQAY.  All are marked as SCFU or SCZU and are in the 870000 series.
Sitting in the well of QQLY 1011 is AFED 411227.
The local pass heading for Moss Vale.

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