06 January 2014

Westons 1835

A few photos of Weston Milling service 1835 running via the south on 30/12/13, with a classic clean combo of 8160 and X48.
Departing Goulburn.
Top bridge at Cullerin.
Windmills at Cullerin.
Formerly a VHGY, VHAF 248 is relatively clean but rather patchy with VR yellow ends and roof, Freight Australia sides, and a Pacific National logo.  Also of interest is the 70T Ride Control bogies fitted (or rather, not removed when the code changed).  Historically, the VHAF fleet were fitted with 50T bogies (VXSC).
A long time Westons wagon, VHAF 566 still shows the scars of operating in the Sydney metropolitan area, and in particular Rozelle (when it was still open).  Note the 50T bogies.
There are a few blow ins on the rake these days.  Three NGWFs were in the consist of 22.  This one being 40024.
A side on portrait of X48, with the rather unique 'stars' livery.

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