01 September 2014

Back to the Highlands

A couple of quick shots at Aylmerton while the sun was out.

For those enjoying the Chinese shots, I'll start posting some Chinese wagons in the coming days.  

Down pass to Moss Vale, passing the wattle.

PS& led by triple NRs.

A roof shot of a PTC blue RLSY van

Another roof shot, this time of a Sadleirs green RLSY.

A roof shot of a PNXR reefer.

Unit 48 PVDU Freightquip container.  The tops of these are quite interesting and colourful!

A similar box but this own is a PNXD type.

Empty Tahmoor coalie heading back to the mine.

The inside of an NHSH/NHFF.  They are remarkable shiny and smooth.


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