28 May 2015

A Highlands Morning

A few trains around Bargo this morning.

NR108/NR93/AN9 on a late running MB4 service.

New Toll shipper reefer TSHR 1528.

Second hand Linfox ventilated side door container VSDU 910205.

A regular container ARCH 000000 on high deck wagon RQKY 2770.

Auto box MB008 with a painted out Toll logo.

A toll reefer TOLL 4CB431.

Empty jumbo RQJW 21985.

A local pass passed through Bargo.

Following the pass is PS7 freighter with NR76/NR41.

Toll well wagon set RRXY with CPSU 480001 sitting across the well on the bridge.

An old favourite, Toll Metro box SPD 609.

A curtain sider with end doors, PNXE 4570.

Crossing PS7 near Tahmoor, I got into position for the shot of Qube's 1311 at Yanderra,

While normally loaded with all 40ft containers for paper product, Direct Logistics container DLGU 2410257 is a rare visitor onto this train.


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