18 February 2018

Tassie TQAY

I had a quick trip to Tassie last week and managed to get some photos.  Here are a couple of Chinese built 40ft TQAY skels.  

TQAY 100 with a pair of SCFU side door containers, marked for Toll as TSSD.

TQAY 144 with a Cronos leas box marked as TSTG, and a BOC CO2 ISO tank #42.



  1. Did the Chinese manufacturers base the design on any other wagons built for Australia, or were they a clean slate design?

  2. They are unique with two brake cylinders per platform, smaller wheels, and Wabtec brakes. If you were looking for some similarities, the CQXY would be close as a 45-48ft platform with a master/slave arrangement. Check out the Tasrail link: