18 December 2010

Fresh Paint in SA

A bit of fresh paint around Islington in early December.

Technically it has had a fresh repaint, albeit in a multicoloured attack. CHMF 17 was formerly owned by CFCLA and sold to Coleman Rail a few years back.

PQGY 3001, owned by Gemco Rail, only days before going on a high speed trial.

PQGY 3001, CHCH 7602, and 7 Sadleirs vans - all freshly painted. The CHCH was also going on a high speed trail.

3 pairs of newly constructed well wagons and 7 freshly repainted RLSY/RLUY vans

A long string of rebuilt Hamersley ore cars - now coded CHCH for an ore project in WA.

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  1. I believe these are ex Goldsworthy Mining cars - see http://www.railheritagewa.org.au/archive_scans/displayimage.php?pid=2171