18 December 2010

Dry Creek Wagons

Some various wagons fromn Dry Creek a few weeks back.

WFDY 30001 with a pair of loco bogies. Not sure if QR/ARG or GWA own this wagon.

ECA 132

ATMY 251

ALGY 57, used for equipment recovery. This wagon, geset wagon AGGY 1, and some crew cas went to Cadney Park last week to do a Freightlink recovery task. Note the ASR logos.

Stored AKMX 4. Former steel wagon.

Genset wagon AGGY 1. Many of these wagons became SQGFs in NSW, or LOAF/AOGF with LVRF. AGGY occasionaly finds itself on trains where the crew car has no generator. From memory, 4 were in existance.

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