08 December 2011

5NY3 - 1st December

A few Blogs coming up over the next couple of days. 

NR94 leads NR57 on 5NY3 through Aylmerton on 01/12/2011.  I don't think the sun has been out since!!  Note the inline fuel hose support loop on the nose, above the ditch light.    

RailCorp's two NDZFs (40051 and 40052) were heading back to Bluebird Workshops SA for twistlock outriggers to be added.  These wagons normally carry track panels.  

There was a notable amount of small coils on the train.  Half were loaded into RCSFs, and the others were loaded into normal jumbo coil wagons as can be seen below.  Above is RCSF 79 in an early NRC livery.

RCSF 89 still in V/Line! 

RCKF 51 with all three cradles loaded - it is very uncommon to see all three cradles loaded!

RCQF 20872 with the smallest coils I have ever seen loaded into this type of wagon.   

 Pipe wagon RKTF 3025.  Note the additional doors in the middle of the wagon - whch was a retro fit latger in life. 

 New wheels from Maintrain or Comsteel loaded on RZXY 2181.  The new wheels are painted in a special heat indicating paint (glossy grey) so that overheated wheels can be easily identified.

Not the best of photos, but something I haven't noted before - The bogie on the right (RKKY) is fitted with steering arms which is evident from the brackets to the left and right of the spring nest.  This is a retro fit to older type bogies.



  1. Are those NDZF's destined for container traffic?

  2. They might get a few spoil bins put on them, but I doubt they will see much use in spol traffic. No plan to put them into standard intermodal.

  3. I notice that there's two different types of bogie in the shot of the RKKY wagon as well

  4. The bogie with the steering arms (on the right) is a Barber S2, and the one on the left is a Ride Control. The easiest way to tell them apart is the spring config. The Ride Control bogies can vary as well in the shape of the sideframe. Most are 02A and 02B type, but you do see 01A type occasionally.