12 February 2012

RRDY 110 - AK Test Wagon

G'day!  It's been a few very busy weeks but I have some shots to share from recent adventures.  Over the next few days I'll post some shots from last week when I was travelling around southern NSW and Victoria.  I'm in Western NSW early this week so will hopefully have some shots when I return.

Photoed in Goulburn was RRDY 110 with the PN test container.  This wagon occasionally gets attached to the AK cars for PN to carry out testing.



  1. What kind of test equipment does the container aboard RRDY 110 have? More track related gear, or does it test the tracking of the wagon itself?

  2. G'day Marcus,

    Not too sure what the set up is like but I imagine all the equipment is in the container. I didn't notice anything attached to bogies or the platform.