31 March 2012

Incitec Tankers

All 5 Chemtrans/Incitec/Orica tankers are permanently parked at Kooragang Island and were photoed on 06/03/2012.

In order, the photos are VTGX 007, 008, 009, NTHX 3480, 3481 (Entire Fleet).  From the photos, all 5 looks to be of the same origin.

I last saw one of these (VTGX 009) in service on a NRC Steel train in 2001.



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  1. All the same family, but slightly different origin. The second tank 008 is the odd one out, most obvious is the wide tank mounts. It was an original GS Speedigas tank, the other were likely later Aftrans builds of same design. Then they swapped owners and numbers and paint between each other.