02 July 2012

An ROOX Day Out

A very unusual line up on ROOX open wagons appeared on 22/6.  I don't think they were loaded - maybe being transferred for a project or off to be stored. 

It should be noted that the ROOX fleet has cut out holes in the side for strapping. 

ROOX 2146 with a missing logo panel - showing the old red underneath. 

ROOX 2622 still with ANR logos. 

ROOX 2624 which had Commonwealth Railways logos up until recently. 

ROOX 2845 missing a few boards on the side. 

ROOX 2932 looing a little beaten up. 

ROOX 2954 with Australian National Railways logo boards. 

ROOX 2993 with a PN repaint job.

A very interesting fleet of former AOOX open wagons!


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