26 June 2012

The Present (25/06/12) Afternoon

A few Steellink jobs in the afternoon.

 XW4 with the star combo of NR/AN/NR.

 A favourite of mine - AN2.

Once owned by FCL, PRRY 5011 with scrap steel containers. 

Four RQIW wagons were part of the train - all with overhauled bogies.  Here is RQIW 60335 - looks funny with black bogies. 

The trailing unit in NP3 was NR118.  I was running out of light by 3.45pm! 

RCSF 90.  This wagon still has that old Barber bogie fitted. 

RKCX 59 - strangely not a former VR ELX.

The sun illuminates the underside of RKGF 20915 nicely. 

Pretty well permanently on plate steel traffic, RKJX 8 with a load ex Port Kembla. 

RKTF 2163 with a load of pipes and the extra set of middle doors installed. 

ROOX 2992, which up until recently still carried an ANR logo.


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