16 June 2012

QLD Part 2

I headed to Laidley with a mission - to get the Westlander.  Here are the shots from 7 June 2012.

Between 8am and 11am, I managed 4 coal trains and the Westlander.

An empty coal headed west. 

An empty coal coming through the station. 

Westlander with double black 2470s at Laidley.
Westlander at Calvert.

A loaded coal at Laidley. 

Another loaded coal at Laidley. 

1650 at Redbank. 

A GNZ wagon at Redbank - I imagine this is a long way from its normal operation location. 

A shunter wagon or works vehicle. 

A standard gauge QHBH yet to be delivered.  In the yard were some 'returned' QHBH wagons also.


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