23 January 2013

BM4 Aylmerton

On 4/1 I went for a bit of a walk to get this shot from a nice vantage point at Aylmerton. 

Double NRs on BM4 running on time.

Single well RRIY 0001.

Victorian wagons are making an appearance on superfreighters these day.  Here is VQCY 818 is FA green.

On an RQSY is Brambles reefer 1202.  This box would be well over 10 years old, and certainly looks it.  Many of these BHSR boxes have been repainted in the latest Toll livery.



  1. I think so. It is the newer one on the corner, where the residents have lived for quite a long time.

    Funny that you know the place so well.....