24 April 2013

Bundanoon 7/4

A few shots from Bundanoon a couple of weeks back.
El Zorro/Cargill grain 3992 with a C/G combo.
Export grain 3920 with an 81/48/48 combo an a full rake of NGPFs.
Graincorp's 48208 - not the modifiactions to the MU receptacles and the handrails.
Graincorp's GPU2 - Compare this with 48208.
NGPF 36119 with a Freightcorp logo.
NR26 leading BM4
RQSY 14979 with a 20ft SCF Rail Containers container.
RQCY 1005 with a K&S flatrack.
RQJW 60030 with a Rand reefer box.
RRKY 2017 loaded with a flatrack.
Single well RRWY 6007, formerly part of AQWY 6007.
A Scotts reefer SRR 010.
A classic Toll 20ft bulk box and a Trans tanktainer.

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