09 April 2013

The Variety of PS6

PS6 offered great variety a few weeks back on 27/03/2013.
Here are a few shots from Bargo.
A plain and slightly shabby NR6 in the shafts.  The nose has been a disgrace for quite a while now.
The first unusual sight was an empty wheel carrier in the middle of the consist - RZXY 2257.
A former Bears marked ISHU lease container
Two different Direct Logistics tank containers turned up.   Both were freshly painted by quite old, based on the numerous repairs on the side of each.
Stacks of empty cable reels were loaded on flatracks or transiflats.
Another original van repainted in Sadleirs green - RLUY 18603.  Note the rust on the roof.
A classic RLSY 18671, painted in a motly blue with odd doors.
RQSY 34362 with an assortment of containers.
RQDY 60073 is a former VQDW, now fitted with 70T Ride Control bogies.
A tarped Simon load on an RRAY.
Tank Containers new tank container.
A timber load from Wesbeam loaded on Chinese built RQHY 7028.  These are known as a Mark 3 design, where as the latest arrival of BQFY wagons are known as the Mark 5.  (CFCLA have the CQBY Mark 4).
Another timber load on high deck RRKY 3043.
The other unusual aspect of PS6 was the half a dozen RKWY load steel wagons on the rear. 

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