20 July 2013

Mascot - WIth 44s!

Thankfully I got myself to Botany earlier this month - just before the 44s got parked.
Here are some shots from Mascot between 1000 and 1500 on a lovely sunny day.
1100/MZ combo heading south on 1815.
4174 from Sandgate with an RL/C combo.
A trailing shot, plus the bogie of a CRL BQFY wagon.
An MZ heading to port with a Qantas plane overhead.
Nice MZ/44 combo heading in on T250 from Minto.  Unfortunately the return T251 didn't come out before the afternoon peak.
Double MZs on the second Minto trippie of T260.
T260 returning as T261 with the same MZs.  MZ 1429 was recently back from a long stint out of action account of major repair work.
T281 heading back to Yennora bit a 44/80 combo.
T286, which had crossed T281 out in the Metrop, heads to Botany with double nose ahead 44s.
A trailing shot of the classic combo.
Hopefully I can post some wagon shots over the coming days.


  1. Hey wagon, whats up with the 44s then. I work at the airport and could have sworn I saw NRs on the line something I don't think ive seen before

  2. 44s are surplus and stored at Goulburn now.

    Not sure about the NRs, but I doubt a pair have been to Botany for some time now.