03 November 2013

MB4 - Part 2

A few more wagon shots from MB4 on Saturday 2/11/13
RQHY 7043 with a Total curtain sider and a BULHAUL tanktainer.  I haven't seen a BULKHAUL for quite a few years now.  I suspect this tanker is over 10 years old. 
RQSY 34482 with a pair of tanktainers.
Single well RRIY 0001 with a RAND reefer.  This single is made from a well from an RQZY/RRZY 5-pack well.
In an almost carbon copy, RRIY 0003 with another RAND reefer.  Two of the three on the one train isn't bad.
The end well of 5-pack RRRY 7003, with another RAND container. 
A repaired FCL 48ft dry box.

1 comment:

  1. 7MC2 on the Saturday just gone had four Bulkhaul tanktainers on the back of it, loaded for Bomen I believe