14 December 2014

The Sun has Appeared! Aurizon 7MB7

The unusual site of blue skies led me out trackside this morning, capturing Aurizon 7MB7.

6025 leads LDP002 at Aylmerton.

SCT van ABSY 2473.  This one is well weathered in brown.

Another van, ABSY 2814, and this one has a well worn red stripe.

The other regular van variant on the service are PBGYs.  This one is 0050.

Aurizon bulk container ABLK 201201.

An AUCU Austrans container on CQGY 519.

CQMY 3019 with a pair of Keny KENU moving containers.

Former narrow gauge QQAY 47800 with a McColls tank and a Royal Wolf 20fter.

One of only a handful of Aurizon 80ft wagons, QQMY 22006 is loaded with a single 40ft container.

A recently rebranded SCF reefer.  

On the first platform of a QQLY 5-pack, is a Wridgways container and a tanktainer with Cummins Adblue markings.


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