12 January 2015

Moss Vale Freighters

A couple of PN freighters approaching Moss Vale last week.

Double NRs on a late MB4 service.

Kefford Removals KF938

5-pack RRAY 7180 with the leadings container a former FCL reefer, now marked as BHSR for Brambles Shipping (Toll).

An SCFU Tank Container 251102.

A different SCFU Tank Container 875981.  Both are 22T6 type tanks.

A Tank Containers Australia TCAU tank 800236.

PS7 was on time with double NRs also.

A bird's eye view of a container on PS7.  This is a PN container PNXD 4198.

The down XPT heading away, with power car 2010 on the rear.


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