01 February 2015

7SP5 and 6BM7 Part 2

Some containers in this 'part 2'.

A PN curtain sider PNXM 5214.

Marked with QRN, this 40+ reefer is QRRF 480066. 

48ft Sadleirs RCS 4801.

Triple tanks on RQKY 2693 with aligned bogies.

7SP5 had two RV blue butter boxes near the back of the consist.  Bit of a strange one!

RWTA 206785 has an unusual end panel.

Another Royal Wolf container, RWTU 903109.

Scotts reefer SRR 059.

TCAU 800236.

An interesting load was this A trailer from a b-double.  Looks to be a former tipper with everything above the floor removed (maybe post accident).


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  1. The a trailer is from a fridge van can tell buy the floor and its a roll back van good pics too