07 March 2015

Reefer Containers

G'day,  A few shots of export reefer containers, mainly 22R1 and 45R1 types.

An older style Cronos CRXU 22R1.

A 45R1 CRXU box.

GESeaco GESU 45R1.

A newer Hanjin 45R1.

This Hanjin 45R1 is well worn and a bit shabby.

Note the horizontal ribbing across the bottom of the container on this newer Hapag 22R1.

MCS 22R1.

Maersk 22R1

Hamburg Sud SUDU 22R1

Taken a few days earlier, this TEXU reefer is quite uncommon as it is a 25R1 at 9'6 high.  The two either side are 22R1 8'6 reefers.


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