28 May 2016

The Ghan visits NSW

It's not all that common to get a Ghan NR into NSW, and better yet, on the front!  

MB4 had a very interesting combo early in the week, with elephgant style NRs leading 8226. It is certainly one of the best combo I have seen on MB4 for a long time.

MB4 with NR109/NR14 and 8226 approach Bargo River bridge.

NR109 in the 'new' Ghan livery.  Here is the 'old' livery.

Repainted Toll autobox, MB102.  This box now carries the Proxcar logo.

RQJW 22058 with a double load of KT flatracks.

RRKY 2703 with a OHS OFSU ISOtank and a faltrack load of reo mesh.

RRKY 2767 with a pair of CTC CHemtrans tanks.

RRYY 31 with a mix of MB and AB autoboxes.


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