31 July 2016

NY3 Wagons

I went for a quick shot of NY3 with the interesting combo of NR26/NR18/G in Freight Australia livery.  Luckily there were some interesting wagons in the consist also.

Plate steel wagon RKXF 60226.

From the same class but a different build batch is RKXF 60142.

Tilt bed RKYY 7097 with a load for Wingfield SA.

Aligned bogied RRKY 2353 with a pair of ratty looking shipping containers. 

Some more shipping containers on RQCY 912, which has deck cut-outs.

RQSY 34436 with a mixed pair of Royal Wolf containers.  The red dirt suggests the container is probably on rotation to and from the Kalgoorlie region.

Former VR Open wagon VOFX 143 with a pair of NSW bogies.

RKCX 18 still carrying the original Lysaghts Coiled Steel Traffic sign, has a load covered with a well worn and heavily patched tarp.

NQTY 20280 with a pair of unequal side door containers.  

On the rear was a very long string of RKKY billet/slab wagons.


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  1. Hey mate,

    How do you know what times these freight trains roll through each location?

    Feel free to email me bdftrains@gmail.com