18 August 2016

Fresh ARTC ADFF Ballast Hoppers

Came across these today in Goulburn.  The 'southern' rake has finally been repainted into ARTC yellow and they are very fresh.  Unfortunately the ploughs are not painted and look pretty sad.

The consist with NDPF 2000 and 2001 and 22 hoppers ADFF 2975U,  2260K, 2219F, 2261T, 2241D, 2232U,  2265J, 2256K, 2213U, 2215P, 2251L, 2225A, 2244H, 2258F, 2247L, 2223F, 2230J, 2979K, 2229N, 2987A, 2220B, 2269W.


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