11 September 2016

Qube 1311 'Paper' Train

Last week saw double QBX locos become the norm on 1311 empty container service to Harefield.  

QBX005/006 and MZ1437 running through Picton Yard.

The next day QBX001/002 led the service, this time captured running through Bargo.

CQMY 3007 with a variety of containers for grain loading.

CQMY 3042 with two grain boxes and a paper box.

CQMY 3085 with a new Seaco SEGU HNA container.

An LQAY with a Hamburg Sud HASU container.  The LQAY wagon is one of very few which have a 'Sheffel' style steering bogie.  

SQDY 102 with an older Maersk Sealand MSKU container.

SQEF 41 with an old P&O Nedllyod PONU container and a newer Maersk box.  Maersk own P&O Nedllyod.

SQEY 79 with more grain boxes.

SQEY 83 with a pair of different Hapag Llyod orange boxes.  The larger logo is a HLBU box and the small logo is a HLXU box.

I haven't seen many of these around.  A Waterfront WFHU container.  This has HMM markings.


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