12 September 2016

BM7 and some unusual Royal Wolf Container

A few photos of Aurizon's 7BM7 service and some of the interesting container on that service.

LDP005/008 through Bargo.

Rounding the curves at Yerrinbool.

Coming into Mittagong Station.

Royal Wolf containers RWCM 302564 (Lunch Room) and RWCM 303613 (Change Room) on a QQDY 5-pack.

Right behind them were RWCM 303088 (Lunch Room) and RWCM 303436 (Change Room).

A pair of 10ft containers paired together travelling as RWHU 251009 (White open side 15S3 type).  The partner is a 15GB type with the number covered over as they are running as a 20ft container.


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  1. Hmmm Chris, Looks a bit like an LCL container with the door in the wrong place. Phil Collins