16 October 2016

MB7 - Aurizon

Some shots of interesting containers as wagons on Aurizon's MB7 last week.

A clean 6026 leading another 6020 on MB7.

Aurizon 48ft AEDB container 916005-1 with Woolworths markings.

QQGY 634 with an unusual pair of half heights. 

Half height ANAREH 03-015 loaded with plastic yellow balls - possibly water markers?

A pair of new Aurizon side doors marked as ASDV 216026-8 and 216015-0.  The last lot of ASDV containers were delivered in Aurizon yellow.

An interest flatrack load.  This K&S flatrack is loaded with two trailers and a generator from Coates in WA.  

The same load again.

A very usual visitor to the east coast is former RMX wagon QQQY 2374-F. 

Air Liquide Compressed Hydrogen (UN1049) container WCGU 000341-6 is an interest tank container.  Coded as a 28T9, this container comprises of 8 individual cylinders and is about 4ft high in total.

Another shot of WCGU 000341-6.  Similar containers also carry helium.


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