28 November 2016

Port Augusta Containers

Some container and wagon photos from Port Augusta taken back in September.

A half height Toll 5TC224 container riding above a 48ft TDDS in well wagon RQZY 7048.

ISO tank CCRU 197261-2 loaded with a Maxam Ammonium Nitrate Suspension. 

EURU 191844-9 with another ammonium nitrate load.

Curtain sider KTI 402.

A pair of Linfox boxes.  On top is a half-height side door LSDU 6940076 and below is 48ft DRC 947,

A new Linfox plate sided reefer FCBD 9106158.

PNXR 4889 rides above a Cronos CXSU 40GP.

RQEY 1962 with a matching pair of Sea2Rail seacell 40ft containers.  

Centre well 5-pack RQLY 1009 with a new and old Toll curtain sider.

Another Linfox half height (6'9) LSDU 6940001 riding above a RAND ARLS reefer.

Linfox 53ft DRC 5482. 

An old Linfox 53ft box, formerly Mayne and Boxcar.  This one is DRC 396.

A well worn Linfox box, showing the Boxcar markings below.  This is DRC 407.

RAND 250 rides above a Linfox LSDU half height on a RRQY 5-pack skel.

A pair of Railroad Transport boxes in RRRY 7016.  These are RRTU 004098 and 004060.

Despite the well section only being 48ft deep, the a 53ft cartainer, AB025, rides above a SCFU half height side door.  

I love uneven loads, and this a good one.  A Toll TDDS 48ft box hangs 5'6 over a reefer box RAND 368.  The clearance above the reefer may have been required if it was required to power the container.


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