09 June 2017

New Old Contistretch Coil Wagons

Seems that a few RCJY flats have been modified for carrying Contistretch from Newcastle. 

The RCJY wagons formerly had fixed jumbo coil cradles on the deck as per my photos here and here.

The modification includes fitting of the cones to restrain each coil, and a barrier rail around the load.

Auscision do a model of the RCJY as a jumbo coil wagon, (with removable cradles) so it could be a good start for a kit-bash project.  

Contistretch has been moved for a while now in the CS cradles on RQRY and PRRY wagons.  From waht I can tell, most of this product goes to Queensland by rail.

Some more info on Contistretch Link.

RCJY 4216 at Morandoo

A close up on RCJY 4216

RCJY 2048, still with that yellow bogie.  First sighted in 2010 here

Original CS14 cradle fitted to RQRY 1009


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