17 September 2010

ARBY Photos

Some ARBY SCT van photos for Norm.

ARBY 4444. Note the location of the Refrigeration lettering. I recall that 4444 and 2677 were prototypes for the ARBY van. Anyone confirm which one it was?

An ABFY being converted at Gemco

A very fresh ARBY with a Carrier reefer unit. All new ARBYs had Carrier units fitted.

Sealed doors fitted to the ARBY vans. Note that the black stipe and lettering is rarely uniform on any two wagons, as the large SCT logos seem to start in slightly different locations each time.

A one off - It has LOGISTICS rather than refrigeration on the side.

Note the Termo King reefer unit - The Carrier unit would have been replaced.

An even newer Thrmo King unit with red details.


1 comment:

  1. I believe it was 4444 as the prototype. (It had like an external skin)