22 September 2010

Spoil Wagons

Following a discussion on Aus Model Rail, here are some spoil wagons which look similar to NOFF wagons.

Coded NDCF, these yellow creatures are former G wagons. They were painted yellow when they were converted into a continuous open wagon rake for no stop loading. They have since been split up and new ends built for them.

Still coded NDCH, these are the same origin as the NDCF wagons. They are fited with various end panels depending on what has been replaced over time.

This NDBF is a former BD/NOAF open wagon with shunters platforms on each end.

Without the end platforms, this short spoil wagon is an NDNF which is a former BD/NOAF open wagon.

1 comment:

  1. Good site enjoy the pics. Any of steel link service trains when they used to run down to BHP logistics terminal Kwinana WA early 2000? Cheers