03 October 2010

Late Running WP2 (15/9/2010)

A very late running WP2 was photoed through Mittagong on a usual NY3 path.

An NR Quad with loaded jumbo coil up front.

Patchy NR36 returning (after being photoed 2 days earlier).

One of only a few RCBF (form RCQF) skeletal jumbo coil wagons.

RCKF 1 - The first of the CSX fleet

RCSF 90 - The last of the CSX fleet.


An RKLY with refurnished butter boxes.

An RKWY loaded with I beams.

RKXF 60205 loaded with plate steel

An RKYY with out of gauge plate steel.

ROBX 1073, with 152 behind it (as seen 2 days earlier).

An RQRY with a Rod In Coil (RIC) module container as built by SSR Bendigo.

An RQTY showing the skeletal deck. These are former AQCX and VQCX type wagons.

An RQTY loaded with three half height slag containers.


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  1. What are the wagon numbers on each photo?