04 October 2010

PS6 (15/9/2010)

Another batch from a few weeks back:

A rather grotty NR116 leading PS6.

A pair of good looking Toll Metro curtain sided containers. One is for Reflex (SPD660) and the other for Australian Paper (SPD648) Both would be at least 5 years old, maybe closer to 10.

RLSY 18749

RLUY 18683 (unusual for an RLUY to still be inservice and not recoded to RLSY).

RQSY 34979 with Sadleirs containers. Often a single RQSY will be in the middle of a group of 6-10 vans.

FCL have been selling off containers. Here an original brown 30t gross container, and newer 35t gross container have been purchased by SCF.

Searoad side door container.

Solvay Interlox tanktainer with Hydrogen Peroxide.

A removalist container - UPAC.


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