29 October 2010

SA Container Wagons

A few wagon and container photos from SA.

One platform of RRXY 10 - painted in Toll colours.

RRKY 2050 loaded with two new Mack trucks.

Still coded for NSW, these two NQOYs were both on the same train - NQOY 14960 in yellow.

NQOY 14994.

A former BOXCAR 53ft container, which had been painted white for Mayne Logistics and tehn rebranded for Linfox is starting to show it's 'true colours'.

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  1. Freaking awesome, Chris!

    Your site is a gem for us poor sods who never followed their instincts to work for the railways.

    It is a gold mine for railway modellers who do not have first-hand information as it provides factual photographic information on which we can base our models.

    As webmaster of the Mount Barker Model Railway Club in South Australia, I intend to add a link to your site on our "Links" webpage as I'm sure that our members (and site visitors) will find it exceptionally useful.

    Keep up the fantastic work.

    Best Regards,
    Gordon Webb.