23 January 2011

Hunter Coal Wagons 1

The following 3 Blogs are photos of various Hunter Valley Coal wagons - all of which have been hauled by PN. All photos were taken in Jan 2011.

Xtrata owned PHYH wagons. All except 2 x 4-packs have been converted to ECP for Freightliner to haul in 2011. The one photoed in staying as a standard air brake wagon.

An original private owner coal hopper, this PHCH (as part of a 7-pack) is now mingled with other PN owned hoppers.

An original National Rail coal hopper - RHCH. These were built for the NRC MacGen contract.

NRCs second batch of coal hoppers were RHFH coded.

A final order of 50 x RHHH from China rounded out all the new build coal hoppers for NRC before PN took them over.

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