26 January 2011

Warrnambool Area Infrastructure

While not rollingstock photos (there are very limited opportunites at Port Fairy!) here are some interesting infrastructure photos from the area.

Portland old yard taken from the station (which no longer exists).

Port Fairy Goods Shed - The line was closed in 1977.

Koroit Station (between Port Fairy and Warrnambool). The old formation is now a 'Rail Trail'.

Koroit Goods Shed.

A warehouse at Hamilton near the train line. It may have been served by rail many years ago.


  1. Permewans at Hamilton did have a private siding, it ran along the other side of the building than that shown in your photo and then curved around more parallel with the main line to serve a couple of oil depots.

  2. Thanks Matthew - It is a great looking building!

  3. The track ran down to the Wharf as well.

    The railway competed with the coastal traders - there is a large swinging basin in the Moyne to allow the coastal traders to swing for their return voyage.